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Pu Tensioned Screens

Polyurethane screens-tensioned

polyurethane wire screen is made of polyurethane wires with steel cords which is excellent abrasion resistance.

Similarly to rubber screens, they are an alternative for metal screens. They are abrasion-resistant and lack of corrosion. Self-cleaning effect and cone-shaped mesh allows increased effectiveness and noise reduction makes work more comfortable. They are equipped in steel catches or recesses for tension strips which enable assembly instead of metal screens, without changing or rebuilding of the riddle or screen fixing construction on the sifter. They are produced in two reinforcement systems: steel cables or glass fibre rods. They are specially recommended for “wet” works. Lateral or longitudinal tension

Material:Polyurethane elastomer Type-A and Type-B; hardness 45-95Sh, additional steel reinforcement.

Mesh:1,6 - 160,0 mm (square or longitudinal, regular and passed system)

Thickness:30-60 mm

Dimensions:max: 1900x2400 mm

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