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Idlers and Rollers

Polyurethane idler rollers 

We manufacture a large stock of many types and makes of conveyor idlers and rollers. Most new replacement rollers can be had 'OFF THE SHELF' non standard or special roller types can be manufactured to your requirements and to British and European Standards. 

OUR Rollers include : Adjustable Troughing Idlers, Return Rollers, Standard Side Supported Troughing Rollers, Impact Rollers, Disc Returns.

Polyurethane idler rollers offer high impact resistance, are resistance to oil, ozone, low temperatures, radiation, and corrosion, and can reduce downtime and maintenance costs thanks to polyurethane's excellent shock absorption, high rebound, and high load bearing characteristics. Precision rollers are available as: concave roller, convex roller, straight roller, hubbed roller, v-groove roller, bearing cover, coated bearing, bushing, and more.


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